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Welcome to the wiki about the television series Nurses - a spin-off of two TV series Empty Nest and Golden Girls created by Susan Harris. Later the movie Amira & Sam joined the existing universe.
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"Nurses" is a television series about the people that work in a hospital in the city Miami; doctors, nurses,
orderlies, administrators. The series aired between 1991 and 1994 on primarily the American NBC network
while the series was produced by Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions.

Episode Spotlight:
Season 3: "All The Pretty Caseys"




Browsers should be aware that any of the programming relating to Nurses has long since ended, and that the content found within this wiki has been updated to reflect that fact, along with the original airdates of the episodes in question as seen within the United States. Visitors should therefor use caution regarding the pages they visit, as they will contain spoilers on the material in question.

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Since NBC still has made no official announcements on new episodes of "Nurses" there is now a special fanfiction department for fans of "Nurses", "Golden Girls" and "Empty Nest". Main Page: Fanfiction

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